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 HB Sauce came from one mans addiction to Carwax and a crazy notion and his cat.
Which in turn became a quest for the ultimate car wax, and this quest was led by Kevin Longman aka Mr Hugo Brown his (Darkside #Sith waxmaking alter ego) named after his cat.
Kevin was and still is to some extent an avid car wax user and collector with a shameless amount of wax niceties indeed .
After years of collecting and falling in love with a certain original enthusiast brand, a craving to feed a creative intrigued mind  became to strong and he found inspiration to try his hand at wax making on May 4th 2016 and so it began #Sauce
Months of research followed locked away in the waxcave with only Mr HB the cat for company and the Madness of creation much testing ,blending and brewing ensued.
Kevin drew upon his knowledge and experience, not just in valeting/detailing trade, but also his 25 years in the catering industry. In a sense, by blending these two trades together, the ultimate wax could be in his grasp. His attention to detail meant that he broke down every raw ingredient to understand their attributes, knowing when to add something and when to leave them out. Every blend becoming like a main course dish needing to be indulged in and enjoyed by you and your automobile.
Now using only the finest ingredients on the market sourced worldwide HB Sauce create some of the most indulgent custom/bespoke car waxes you may ever use and see,from an off the shelf production wax to a custom blend or the full Scorpius Bespoke jar creation treatment they are all within your grasp offering an eclectic range of unique styles.
Creativity ,imagination and flare are key to the HB Sauce ethos where there is an ever developing range of waxes available from the most bespoke one-off blends to a full scale production can be yours, with everything in-between . 
The #Sauce is just a click away in the 
Sauce Shop and there is always something special popping up in New releases /Special Sauce and if you’ve read this far you deserve a discount. 
Try “Sauce118” at the checkout.. on orders of £30 plus 
Waxy Regards Mr HB 
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