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Customer reviews.

Boosted wash

A stunning thick extra concentrated bottle packed with surprising energy to boost some shine with your wash, suds are insane especially with how little was used and I was surprised at just how slick the mitt glides over the paintwork.
Kev duncan, Scotland

Its the new must have, ultra slick producing superior high gloss for a truly show winning result... Easy on off no streak this will be great for a top up after maintenance washing or to boost the gloss on that settled waxy layer. Again another unbelievable scent and a little goes a long way with this. Highly recommended.
Kev duncan, Fife

Blackjack drooling madness

Presented well in its stunning 100ml black glass pot, pop the lid and it's bursting with blackjack sented goodness although surprised being a white wax!.. it's extremely easy mouthwatering application so tempting you'll want to kick the panels being applied!.. Easy wipe off revealing an incredible high gloss finish... car day... This is on!
Kev duncan, Scotland

Nana licious

Stunning black bottle with vibrant yellow texting, pop the lid and this banana scented shampoo bursts the tastebuds but don't drink it!.. a simple squirt in the bucket and your presented with a bucket full of banana bubbles so tempting.. dip of the mitt and this shampoo lubes the mitt over the paintwork effortlessly, product cleans very well and bubbleness lasting well into the wash process. Highly recommended
Kev duncan, Scotland

Hey Marve

First wax bought from HB Sauce and will not be my last. โ€œMarve westโ€ hybrid wax; easy application and removal, insane gloss levels, and MARVEllous water behaviour. Time will be the test of the durability, however the results outweigh the lifetime IMO.
Luke D Taylor , Co Durham

Sweet Wonder for your Tyre Walls

Smells like the blood of Bertie Bassett, super easy to apply and leaves a lovely finish! Unlike other products in the market, this will last and the levels of gloss aren't overdone.
Will, Cambridgeshire

Very Cherry! ๐Ÿ’

Smells like a bomb went off in a cherry factory, leaves an insanely good glossy glow and the beading is just amazing ๐Ÿ˜
Will, Cambridgeshire

Wait. This isn't wax!

I was so pleased to hear that HBS were expanding their range into other products, so I had to snap up a bottle! As usual the smell is sublime and the finish it leaves is flawless ๐Ÿ’Ž
Will, Cambridgeshire

nana nana nana nana WAXMAN!

I'm absolutely bananas about the scent of this little pot of waxy goodness ๐Ÿ™ˆ It's a mixture of coffee and banana, and as with the rest of the HBS range it leaves a stunning shine!
Will, Cambridgeshire

Saucy Scent

I keep a bottle of this in my cup holder and give it a spray whenever I'm stopped at a red light - a beautifully sweet smell!
Will, Cambridgeshire

I thought Ceramic was for plates?

My first experience of ceramic products and just WOW ๐Ÿ˜ฎ As long as you ensure a nice long cure (around 20 minutes seems to do the trick), then your paintwork will be protected for months on end - nothing is getting through that waxy wall!
Will, Cambridgeshire

My First HBS Purchase

Montan Madness was the first pot of HB sauce that I ever bought and the start of my obsession with these amazing products ๐Ÿ˜ The smell is amazingly sweet and the glossy finish it leaves is possibly the best of the entire HBS range ๐Ÿคค
Will, Cambridgeshire

Wheel good Wax!

The wheels are probably the worst part of a Car in terms of collecting dust, mud and muck - so you need to sauce them up with some Nibs Rims! This Belgian chocolate scented wax will leave your wheels glossy and protected from the elements - the beading is insane ๐Ÿ˜
Will, Cambridgeshire

It's a Hard Wax Life

I bought this wax just before the winter months of last year, as I was looking for something really durable that would help protect my paintwork from all the filth. #24.7 not only lasts for weeks on end, but it also leaves a fantastic finish! This would be my first choice to recommend to anyone buying their first HBS sauce.
Will, Cambridgeshire

Show Sauce!

The first time I used Scorpius Show Butter was at Modified Nationals last year and it really made my paintwork pop! Smooth as a slippery eel and leaves a glossy shine you could drown in ๐Ÿคค
Will, Cambridgeshire

Hot Chocolate!

What's the point in Car shampoo that doesn't smell nice? If you want maximum bubbles for your paintwork and a tantalising experience for your nostrils, then look no further than this Mint Choc Bubbly Boii!
Will, Cambridgeshire

Smells yummy

Tried this for the first time a few weeks ago, spreads really well and so easy to use, you barely realised you've used it. Leaves a awesome level off gloss and beads far better than I expected. Oh and the smell is sooo good I almost took a sip! I didn't, I hunted out some Raspberry crusha to settle the urge.
Kevin Breetz, Sunny Bo'ness

Eye popping vinyl

Brought these as an extra to a saucy package, I was pleasantly surprised by how much eye popping colour these give off even on a slightly dark rear window, just a word of warning glasses may be needed if it's really sunny.
kevin Breetz, Sunny Bo'ness

Flying Saucers

I always used to discard my applicators after a use, I tried washing a few different types to no avail. But this is a whole new breed, holds an impressive amount of product, a great size in the hand rather than the conventional wafer thin type. Washed mine over and over and the Saucer is strong
Vader, Suffolk

Is paste wax dead

Iโ€™m a complete an utter Wax Head, but Iโ€™m not sure Iโ€™ll ever use another paste wax again!!! The ease of use of this product and time saving alone is one thing, but the glow and gloss it leaves on the car is virtually unrivalled. The best product of 2K19 by a long way
Mark Waldock, Suffolk

Slap that ........ tyre

Cracking tyre dressing lovely and rich deep gloss. If you like a more Matte finish just wipedown with a mf after application if you prefer the gloss then apply and leave and if you want deep pools of wetness add a second coat. All bases covered and a doddle to use. Well done HBS !
Ian Houghton, Mossley

Liquid Cherry ๐Ÿ’ Gold

If you are looking for some gloss in double quick time then this is for you. Ideally when time is tight and you canโ€™t add a paste wax , fly round your motor with ease then whizz round and buff it off, stand back and admire the gloss. It beads lovely, highly recommended from me.
Dr Detox, Manchester

Beadmaster Boii

#5.5 was the first 200ml pot of Sauce that I bought from Hugo and to this day it is still my go-to wax. The scent is tangy AF and the beads are out of this world!
Will Evans, Cambridgeshire

Pure Scottish think highland toffee, whiskey

Doesnโ€™t come more Hogmanay than this whiskey wax three legged haggis . A very special one off pot of saucy goodness.
Hufty, Manchester

Ecosse Wax is the bomb

Just managed to use my wax for the first time and Hugo did not disappoint, went on beautifully, came off just as nicely and the looks are awesome. Smells sexy, and I can't rate this highly enough.
Tim Cox, Brisbane, Australia

Minty chocness

A 100% wax safe shampoo, lots of lovely minty suds means super slick glide over your paint effortlessly releasing the dirty from the paint. A little goes a long way. 5*
Ian Houghton, Lancashire

Mmmmm Montan Madness

Super slick and glossy wax , deep pools off wet gloss.
Hufty, Manchester

Bling that Rim

Super durable, highly glossy wheel wax to make your rims shine like a diamond ๐Ÿ’Ž in a goats ass. If you find a goat with a diamond in its ass, the goat is mine ๐Ÿ and I ainโ€™t retrieving your diamond for ya.
Hufty, Mossley

Choc Ice or Shampoo

Ok spoiler alert itโ€™s a .......shampoo, but it smells like a choc ice. Seriously good shampoo no nasties in there to affect your waxy finish. Loadsa suds which personally I like, super slick so delivers a beautifully safe wash ๐Ÿงฝ (sponge for effect, obv never use with a sponge).
Dr Detox, Manchester

Gloss to the max

An easy to use wax that gives insane gloss levels a must for any wax lover
Lee Metcalf, Edinburgh

Montanly insane shine..

A must for your collection if you love deep deep Marianas trench gloss.
Matt Oldfield, Denbighshire

Out of this world

The Saucer will not disappoint you. Hard wearing, really nice quality applicators.. Not your ordinary rubbish. The bevelled edge makes these really effective to use and it's a bit easier to get wax out of smaller pots as well.
Matt Oldfield, Denbighshire

Beading marvellous

If you are looking for protection for the worst of the uk weather then this wax iOS for you. Itโ€™s not called beadmeister for nothing, extremely hydrophobic and delivers a pretty damn fine shine as well.
Ian Houghton, Manchester

Ceramic wax with wax and ceramic in

A true ceramic wax, not just a label. This wax goes on and spreads like butter, make sure you leave a nice long cure, overnight if you wanted will still buff off a breeze. The finish is top drawer oodles of gloss and beads for many weeks and months. One of my personal favourites ๐Ÿ˜
Dr Detox, Manchester

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