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HUGO GLOSS Waxmas 2020 just the wax
100ml Hugo Gloss Hybrid sio2 infused carwax
Waxtrooper 100ml waxpot
3d Printed handpainted HBS Waxtrooper 100ml waxpot
HBS Beadmeister Hybrid sealant infused wax 100ml
100ml new style
Limited Edition Glass twin set #Mintchoc and #Cherrybourbon car shampoo 2 x 500ml
Original HB Sauce styles PH Neutral car shampoo
HBS Hard Ceramic #33 ,50 ml sample
Previously unreleased 50ml sample of our highest content formula
HBS Hard Ceramic #33 ,200ml custom pours on request
Previously unreleased 200ml of HBS highest content wax formula Hard Ceramic #33 Batch 2
#Limeade PH Neutral Snowfoam 500ml
500ml of high concentration Snowfoam
#Limeade PH Neutral Snowfoam 1 litre
1 litre high concentration snowfoam
Super soft 1200gsm Drying towel
50 x80 Super Soft fibre
HBS Scorpius Red show butter , 100ml
Dark Montana 200ml
Dark Montana cherry bakewell amaretto show wax 200ml
Dark Montana 100ml
Dark Montana cherry bakewell amaretto show wax 100ml
Dark Montana 50ml Show Wax
Dark Montana , cherry bakewell scented show wax
:::NEW::: Scorpius Anubis 200ml
Scorpius Anubis 200ml , an indulgent large pot suit you sir πŸ§πŸ‘Œ
:::NEW::: Scorpius Anubis 50ml
Scorpius Anubis 50ml glass jar sample , the gateway to gloss and beads
πŸŒβ˜•οΈβœ¨βœ¨ Banana Cortado show wax 100ml
Banana Cortado show wax 100ml
:::NEW::: Scorpius Anubis 100ml
Scorpius Anubis 100ml an all round wax blend easy to use , the gateway to gloss and beads.
Soft Dark Ceramic #33 ,50ml
50ml sample of the good stuff , soft Dark and pure luxury on dark paintwork .
Soft Dark Ceramic #33 ,100ml
:::NEW::: Soft Dark Ceramic #33 , 200ml
An indulgent 200ml pot limited batch pours
£80.00 £72.50
:::NEW::: Cherry Bourbon limited batch Ph neutral luxury car shampoo 500ml
A limited edition version of the Uber concentrated Ph neutral wax safe Hbsauce luxury car shampoo
Raspberry Sauce , gloss enhancing Sio2 infused Qd 250ml
***New Release*** HBS EnergySi Shampoo 500ml
EnergySi Sio2 infused Car Shampoo 500ml
Cheeky Sneaky I won my wax certificate
Don’t wanna upset the other half with your detailing addiction well we have the answer ...
HBS style Cabin Fever , interior detailer and dresser , 500ml
Cabin Fever 500ml
Wax off! Warp knitted Plush grey edgeless dual side 400gsm
A plush warp knitted heavy 400 gsm dual sided short pile Korean Microfibre
HBS Blackjack tyre slap 250ml
Black jack scented tyre and trim dressing.
HBS Cherry Glo Liquid show wax 250ml
A HBS Liquid show wax formula triple Cherry scented
£25.00 £20.00
Wax off! Super Plush 500gsm grey edgeless Korean Microfibre 40cm x 40cm
500gsm edgeless Korean Microfibre ideal for waxing off or at final wipe down , 40cmx40cm
Raspberry Sauce Sio2 infused Gloss enhancing Qd 500ml
Raspberry Sauce Gloss enhancing Qd 500ml Spray
πŸŒβ˜•οΈβœ¨ Banana Cortado Show 50ml
Banana Cortado Show blend poured into a 50ml gloss black glass jar
πŸŒβ˜•οΈβœ¨ Banana Cortado Show 200ml
Banana Cortado scented show wax blend #320 poured into a gloss black 200ml glass jar
Glitter Bomb HBS web site window decal A4 size
HBSAUCE #MINTCHOC Car shampoo 250ml just a dash...
Mint choc scent highly dilutable practical PH Neutral wax safe shampoo.
HBSAUCE #MINTCHOC Car shampoo 500ml, big boy bottle
HBS #MINTCHOC Car shampoo, A sauce of a different type, the bubbly type...
HBS Scorpius Showbutter , 50ml glass sample.
HBS Montan Madness, montan show wax blend , 50ml glass sample
Montan show wax with insane gloss levels!
HBS Scorpius Hard wax v3 50ml glass sample
High content hard wax a connoisseur wax
HBS Beadmeister Hybrid sealant infused wax 50ml glass sample
A 50ml sample of the HBS Beadmeister Hybrid blend
Wax on ! The #Saucer HBSauce wax applicator
In Hugo's humble opinion a wax applicator has to be just right. The #Saucer fits that bill perfect.
HBS Scorpius Red Showbutter, 200ml
High content show wax
HBS Montan Madness, Montan Show wax Blend, 100ml
Show wax with crazy amounts of Montan wax to give that special finish
HBS Nibs rims 50ml glass sample
Wheel wax for that extra shine
HBS Ceramic #33 ,100ml , custom pours on request
Ceramic based wax for that Show popping gloss and extra durability
£45.00 £42.50

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